Climate Change / People Change (Updated)

Where urgency meets enlightenment — panelists Kimberly Reyes, Kate Partridge, and John Calderazzo illustrate a world at a crossroads. In their work, we find questions, observations, and suggestions. What changes […]

Creating Community with the Word

In this panel of accomplished authors, there also resides the community experiences of a bookseller, a massage therapist, a mathematics student, and a director an MFA in Creative Writing program. […]

Writing Home: Your Words, Our Community

This workshop will feature the words, memories, and features of a landscape you know best: home! We will experiment with creative nonfiction writing elements and strategies as we explore the […]

Using Elements of Poetry to Improve Your Prose

In this workshop with author Deborah Jackson Taffa, we’ll discuss how prose narratives can benefit from poetic techniques, how expanding the use of poetic principles—from metaphor to repetition, space, juxtaposition, […]