Rebekah Shardy

Ravens in the Wind was inspired by Rebekah Shardy’s experience as an intuitive earth activist. Her nonfiction has been published in Moxie, Nexxus, and the Denver Post. Her short story, Green Feathers, placed first at Authorfest of the Rockies; her play, Clouds, was recognized by the Black Box Theatre FIVE awards. She is also author of “98 Things a Woman Should Do in Her Lifetime.” In 2007, she received the Pikes Peak Business, Art, and Education Consortium Community Builder Award for providing free writing workshops to survivors of domestic violence, addiction, and incarceration. She led peaceful discourse with conservative churches (Dialogs of Courage) using life stories from LGBTQ writers that she compiled and edited (Colors of Courage). She has also created chapbooks for hospice patients. When not caring for her sister, or speaking to groups, she can be found chatting with yellow jackets and other pollinators in her garden.

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