Boss Eagle

Jamaal aka Boss Eagle is originally from Harvey, IL. The Colorado-based Hip Hop artist is carving his path as a bona fide entertainer and entrepreneur.

His Billboard®-charting debut album, The Firebird Album, is a reflection of his journey from being ‘just a kid from Chicago’ to becoming a man forged at altitude in Colorado. The album is deep and reflective, but also fun and smart. Boss Eagle raps about his spirituality (The Vine, Firebird), fighting for your dreams (Dream) and overcoming hardships (Ivan Drago), but also uses his rhymes to pay homage to the forefather/mothers of hip hop (Rap Dance). His popular ode-to-the-oldschool, Hip-Hop-meets-Motown track, Baby, demonstrates Boss Eagle’s awareness and appreciation of the singers/artists who paved the way for his genre and music to have a place today.

There’s a sense of pride for his roots and a confident self-awareness about who he is today, albeit not devoid of humor and charisma — strong character traits of the performer.

Boss Eagle is currently working on his follow-up album, which is planned to be released in 2020. Tracks like, “Somebody’s, Dad”; “Denver, Diddy” and “Two, A’s” have already been well-received since Boss Eagle began performing them live.

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