Autumn Bernhardt

Autumn Bernhardt was recently named Fort Collins Poet Laureate. Autumn’s work has appeared in regional, national, international, and indigenous book collections, such as Grazing the Fire, Bawaajigan, Blood, Water, Wind, & Stone, and Beyond Queer Words. The Tulane Journal of Law & Sexuality, Prism International, Yellow Medicine Review, The Moon Magazine, Red Rising Magazine, as well as a host of other notable publications have also featured her writing.

Autumn currently teaches indigenous culture and social and environmental justice courses at CSU. In addition to academic and literary work, she also ran a crossbreed Longhorn cattle operation for 8 years and served as a Tribal Attorney for the White Mountain Apache Tribe. Autumn was involved in sacred land and water litigation on behalf of Colorado River Basin tribes in the well-known San Francisco Peaks case. As a Colorado Assistant Attorney General, she was lead counsel in U.S. Supreme Court litigation relating to a water compact dispute between three states and has been engaged in a number of U.S. Supreme Court, federal court, and Colorado Supreme Court cases over the course of her career. All these experiences have and continue to influence Autumn’s writing. She holds a juris doctorate from the University of Colorado Law School. More written and spoken word poetry, as well as other information can be found @autumnbernhardt on Instagram.

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