Sarah Reichert

Sarah Reichert (S.E. Reichert) is a writer, novelist, poet and blogger.  She is the author of the Southtown Harbor Series and is a member of the Northern Colorado Writers. Her work has been featured in The Fort Collins Coloradoan, Haunted Waters Press, “Sunrise Summits: A Poetry Anthology”, “Rise: An Anthology of Change”, Poetry Ireland Review, and “We Are The West: A Colorado Anthology” among other journals across the country. Her novella, “Saturn Rising” was recently produced as a five-part audiocast from Ngano Press Studios, and she recently signed a 3-book contract with 5 Prince Publishing for release in 2023.

She is the head writer of The Beautiful Stuff, a blog about writing and fostering a creative and balanced life. Reichert lives in Fort Collins with her family. In her non-writing hours, she is a mother to two teenage girls and is an instructor and 2nd degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate JuJitsu.