Mary Roberts

Mary Roberts is a debut author at seventy-one years old with a family lineage of living beyond one hundred. She intends to used those years making up for lost time.

Mary received her BA in Technical Journalism in 1974 and a master’s degree in Communication with an emphasis on Creative Nonfiction Writing in 2010.

She did a few things in between. Raised two kids, had a bunch of dogs, taught Kundalini Yoga, personal storytelling, and five-card stud to her grandkids. She has worked as a real estate agent for 24 years. She also competes in story slams and organizes storytelling events to encourage the practice of listening to each other. 

Mary started writing 14 Dogs and Me after the death of the Whack Pack, three terrier mixes who died within months of each other. Being without a dog inspired her to see what life would be like without one or two. Turns out, it was terrible. She welcomed Frida into her home five months later.

She writes about dogs, aging, stuttering, and the power of storytelling.