Cary Unkelbach

Cary Unkelbach grew up in a family that bred, raised, trained, and showed their Labrador Retrievers for more than forty years. She learned at an early age from her author parents, Evie and Kurt Unkelbach, the importance of responsible dog ownership and reputable canine breeding practices. She’s trained and shown Labradors at AKC competitions ever since age eight, first in the conformation ring and later in obedience, rally, tracking, and working certificate trials. She and her husband have bred Labrador litters, always trying to improve their dogs’ quality.

Before her legal career, Cary was a reporter for the Hartford (CT) Times and the Hartford (CT) Courant newspapers. She’s been a prosecutor in a Denver, CO, metropolitan county and a civil litigator.

Cary’s articles have appeared in Dog World, Labrador Quarterly, and Police Chief magazines, and various dog breed newsletters. She lives with her husband and two spoiled Labradors in the   Colorado mountains and writes a monthly blog mostly about canines at