The Ledge: A Story of Resiliency


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The Ledge reveals Jim Davidson’s incredible tale of resilience and survival. This compelling adventure memoir is a national best-seller and the winner of the National Outdoor Book Award. Jim shares the story of The Ledge, and its lessons, in an exhilarating signature virtual presentation.

Jim Davidson and Mike Price, two friends and experienced climbing partners, summited Mount Rainier by the difficult Liberty Ridge route on June 21, 1992. As they descended the Emmons Glacier, without warning, a hidden snowbridge collapsed beneath Jim’s feet and dropped him into a huge, glacial crevasse. Connected to Jim by the climbing rope, Mike tried to stop the fall but couldn’t. The two friends dropped 80 feet inside the dark icy cavern and were buried by falling snow. Mike did not survive. Trapped alone in the crevasse, Jim was devastated at the loss of his friend. Though surrounded by ice and fear, Jim had to climb the overhanging ice walls, or die trying. The Ledge reveals how Jim found the strength and tenacity to survive. And, The Ledge shares insights about how each one of us can find the resilience to climb out from any of life’s crevasses.


Nonfiction Outdoors
Location: Virtual Date: October 18, 2020 Time: 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Jim Davidson