Veterans Writing Workshop

Ignite your veteran story!

In part-one of this two-part series, this writing workshop will provide compositional tips, tricks, and prompts meant to ignite that story you’ve always wanted to tell.  If you already have a story in mind, use this space and time to get it on the page. 

This workshop is open to military veterans, dependents, survivors, or anyone with a military affiliation with a story to tell. No writing experience necessary. 

The workshop, in partnership with the library, will be hosted by Ross M. Atkinson, an Army combat veteran and CSU doctoral student who currently facilitates CSU’s veterans writing workshops. 

BONUS: participants of this workshop series are also welcome to submit their writing to Ross M. Atkinson to be included in CSU’s veterans writing workshop publication, Charlie Mike. This publication is on its second volume, and is set to be published in the summer of 2023.