“The Big Think” Features Storytellers, Scientists, and Creative Visionaries

We’re excited to announce that this year’s Fort Collins Book Festival has been expanded to two days to accommodate the growing interest from the community, sponsors, authors, and speakers. The free event will be held October 19-20 at venues throughout Old Town Fort Collins and will explore the confluence of science, technology, literature, and society.

“The community’s enthusiastic support for the book festival has made it possible for us to continue to expand and bring in notable authors and speakers,” says Anne Macdonald, Fort Collins Book Fest director and librarian at Poudre River Public Library District. “We’re excited to offer additional opportunities for attendees to connect with their favorite authors and to elevate their own creativity and writing practice.”

The 2018 festival theme, The Big Think, arises from curiosity and is designed to engage the community in an exchange of ideas and knowledge at that unique intersection where science, technology, and community collide.

“The Big Think asks the most fundamental questions: ‘why?’ ‘what if?’ and ‘what else?’” says Macdonald. “They’re simple enough questions, but contained within them is a real depth of curiosity, exploration, and possibility that has launched humans into space, developed driverless cars, and created amazing works of art and literature.”

The third annual Fort Collins Book Festival will include expanded writing workshops, panel discussions, author readings, speaker presentations, book sales and signings, and other activities. The event features local, national, and international authors, poets, and big thinkers.